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Avery HTPC (Home Theater PC) ML-Series 3

Exclusively Available from AveryPC

Home Theatre Rochester ny

In a sleek Audio Style case the size of a Receiver! Once you see it you will love it.


Deluxe Unit – $1,500

Give your HDTV the power of Windows 8 and all that it can offer! See below

SilverStone Milo ML-03 Home Theater PC Case – Black
built with the highest quality components
ASUS Motherboard w/ HDMI Full HD 1080p 8-channel HD Audio
AMD A8-3870K Black Edition Quad Core APU, 8GB DDR-3 RAM
500GB Seagate Hybrid HDD (1/2 boot time)
1 TB Seagate 7200 rpm Data HDD
8X Blu-Ray reader DVD/CD writer
WinTV-HVR-2250 Dual TV Tuner w/ Remote
ASUS Wireless -N
Solitec Touchpad Keyboard
Logitec V470 BT Mouse
Windows 7 Home Premium

$1500 Includes Local Professional Installation

Give your HDTV Full Internet Functionality, Streaming Movies and Internet TV
iTunes Podcasts, YouTube ,Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, (full episode library), Pandora,
HDTV Recording (Full HD Uncompressed) of Network TV Programming and Time Shifting
no LIMITS all that Windows 7 Home Premium offers


Local Install and Delivery Only


Basic Unit – $500

SilverStone Milo ML-03 Home Theater PC Case – Black
ASUS Motherboard w/ HDMI Full HD 1080p 8-channel HD Audio
AMD Athalon II X2 Dual Core 260 3.2GHz AM3, 4GB DDR-3 133MHz
500GB Western Digital HDD
16X DVD/48X CD Reader

$500 Ubuntu (or you pick Operating System software, install, setup, options cost extra)


Local Install and Delivery Only


Professional local installation and setup by AveryPC recommended.
Call Mike today for estimate, 585-225-4640

Depot 2yr or 3yr Warranty available

HTPC “What is it and why do I need it?”
It’s the best of the computer world customized to be easy to use in the “Living Room” connected to the HDTV. Best of all AveryPC has the nicest looking computer to fit in to the furniture that is made for the audio components typically used with the TV. The black case is beautiful. This case fits with the sophisticated looks of the modern HDTV. It is a quality component to add to the TV get the most from the entertainment the internet can give you. Why settle with the limited internet options built into “internet connected TV’s or DVD players”. Your are not limited with the HTPC, you can always use any of the programs that will run on Windows 7. Add the functionality of a new HDTV with features only a HTPC (Home Theater PC) can provide.

Here are some of the ways you will be able to use your HDTV now.

(B)=Basic features (Deluxe Unit includes Basic functions)
(O)= Optional
($) =Extra monthly cost for service.
note: All options can be added to the Basic Unit.

(D) -EASY Just push the “GREEN” button on the remote to do most daily functions or Wireless mouse/keyboard
(D) -Play Blu-ray & DVD Movies
(D) -DVR (Digital Video Recording) with TV Programming Guide
(B) -FREE Hulu (Network TV Programming)
(B) -FREE Video Programming on-Demand
(B) -FREE HD TV Channels (over-the-air TV Stations)
(B) -FREE Internet TV (Sports & TV Shows)
(B) -FREE YouTube (Music Videos, Movies, Trailers, How-to)
(B) -Browse the Web with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
(B) -CNN MSNBC FOX & Weather
(B) -iTunes Store (Movies, Music, Radio & Podcasts)
(B) -Music (iTunes, Pandora, Webcast, Radio Stations)
(B) -Games (Online Games, Chess, Mahjong, Solitaire, Hearts, FreeCell)
(B) -Email Access (Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Gmail)
(B$) -Amazon Video Streaming
(B$) -Netflix (1,000s of on-demand movies or by-mail Blu-ray/DVD)
(O) -Web Camera & Skype
(O) -Convert 2D Movies & Photos into 3D on your HDTV


HD TV Blog

After getting the new TV home the first thing you want to do is replace the old one and start watching programs in Hi Definition (HD). So you find the cable hookup jack and screw it on, and go to your favorite shows. But it doesn’t look like it’s in HD, and your right if you go to the same old channels your used to (1-99), there still analog Low Definition. What you need to do is go to the “TV menu” and find “Auto Channel Scan” to find the hidden HD channels. This step takes some time but when it’s done you will find new channels if you go up and down thru the channel selection. The new HD channels may be 8.1, 10-1 or random channel numbers depending on type of TV brand or “channel tuner chip” in your TV.
Happy channel surfing in HD.

Tired of paying that ever increasing cable bill. Your new TV can get FREE perfectly clear HD-TV channels, from an antenna. The local TV stations are still broadcasting TV channels over-the-air and now there in Hi Definition. If you live within the range of the signal broadcast 30-60 mi. from the TV station antennas. First try an old set of rabbit ears or that antenna on your roof, hooked up to the coax cable jack labeled Antenna.

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